No more benadryl haze!

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It’s spring, everything is blooming, and it is windy. EVERY time I go out, I am attacked by allergens. POLLEN EVERYWHERE! LOL (supposedly pollen looks like the Star Wars Death Star according to a picture floating around facebook… need to check that out, if it’s true, it explains a LOT)

For years I’d go outside or be around fresh mowed grass and not long afterwards I was literally feeling like I wanted to claw my eyes out – they would ITCH like crazy! Get red, puffy, watery, and SO itchy. There was also the sneezing, the runny nose, the whole allergy mess. I’d be miserable! And not just anything would help… It had to be chlortrimiton or benadryl. And invariably I’d react to both. Both would put me completely out. I’d not be able to drive, or basically even really function! I’d end up curled up in bed asleep, or passed out asleep on the couch. Generally with a cold wet washcloth over my eyes, too, because though the otc allergy meds helped, they did not help 100%. My eyes would generally stay really itchy. And if I didn’t catch it quickly, I’d end up with some sort of sinus infection.

That was until this year. THIS year I am battling allergies a little bit differently. And oh, I am SO THRILLED with the results!

What have I been doing? Just ONE thing… LAVENDER

YLO lavender

that’s right – JUST LAVENDER… I take one drop to two drops and swab that on the inside of my mouth on my cheeks. That’s it for me!

Now for my son, we had the windows open and THAT was a HUGE mistake.😦 We ended up using the allergy bomb on him. That’s a combo of three oils:)

Allergy mix

We also used RC

and Thieves

for him to make sure that this did not go in to anything serious because he has a history of asthma and can go into a respiratory infection EASILY.

And that is all we’ve done. NOT ONE OTC allergy pill or prescription allergy pill has been taken! NOT ONE… And that is a GOOD thing. lol Because any of the allergy medicines that ever worked for me always pretty much made me pass out.

Wanna know how to do the same? Contact me! I’ll be happy to help you get started on YOUR path to wellness using Young Living Essential Oils!

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